Rivals Salman and Shahrukh to lock horns yet again

No sooner was media ga-ga over the ‘big hug’ of SRK and Salman, the two superstars have again given media a chance to underline the animosity which keeps brewing between the two. The fresh one comes as a release date of their respective movies in 2015.

Salman Khan is working on an untitled project with director Kabir Khan. They were contemplating releasing the movie on the auspicious day of Eid, 2015. Now the turn in the tale is that Salman’s once good friend Shahrukh is also rumored to release his upcoming movie ‘Raees’ on the same day. SRK very well knew that Salman was planning to release the movie on the Eid day. Yet he made the announcement.

According to a source, a person from the production house of Shahrukh approached Salman’s manager and asked about the release date of his movie. Once he received the information that Salman was gearing to release the movie on Eid 2015, he went and informed SRK about the date. Soon after, SRK production house made an announcement of the release of ‘Raees’ on Eid, 2015. This action of SRK has miffed Kabeer Khan.

“It is not fair on the part of the production house to enquire about date of Salman’s release and then go ahead and announce their own film. Whatever happened to the goodwill among film-makers? The competition is becoming too cut-throat and nobody seems to be bothered about others. If both the movies release on the same day, it will only harm each other’s market. Why is it becoming such a big ego issue, is beyond comprehension”, a source said.

Kabeer Khan’s movie is being produced by Salman Khan’s ‘Being Human’ banner. It is now reported that both the production houses have given the same release date. It means in 2015, audience will witness clash of the titans, which will surely eat away each other’s business.

Before this also, there were rumors this year that both SRK and Salman were eyeing Eid day for the release of their films, ‘Chennai Express’ and ‘Jai Ho’ respectively. However, Salman’s ‘Jai Ho’ lagged behind in schedule and only SRK’s ‘Chennai Express’ was released on Eid this year. The movie did superb business and ‘Chennai Express’ entered 200 crore club. Salman’s ‘Jai Ho’ is releasing on 24th January, 2014. Only time will tell if both Salman’s and SRK’s movies stick to schedule and release on the same date.