Rivalry of some of the glamour queens

It is well known that female of the species is more dangerous than their masculine counterparts. After all they need to protect themselves as much as their baby cubs. So, when it comes to Bollywood rivalry, things aren’t much different. Some of the ace actresses of the Mumbai filmdom are known for their fierce spirit of competition. Here is a look at some of the legendary arch rivals.

1. Rekha- Jaya
Rekha and Jaya




















During their heydays, the ever active grapevine was kept agog with the constant influx of news and views- all relevant to the so called clash of the Titans. It is hardly unknown that both had a common interest – the interest in the much acclaimed figure of Big B. The real life trio saw their interests clashing in ‘Silsila’.

2. Shabana - Smita

The chief actresses of the alternate genre of film making might never have been at loggerheads with one another. But both were on toes to reach for the topmost slot. Reel life wonder of ‘Arth’ saw the duo at their very best as they sought to outwit one another as the  leading love interests in the life of the protagonist- Kulbhushan Kharbandha.

3.  Zeenat – Parveen
Zeenat – Parveen

The matinee maidens known for their proverbial blend of oomph and grace were equally competitive in their own ways- trying to outdo one another in their quest for limelight, light and roles.

4. Madhuri- Sridevi

There was a phase in the dying days of eighties and the onset of the nineties; when the reel world of glamour and attraction was defined by the glitz of Sridevi & Madhuri. Despite being reasonably dignified in their search for fame and glitter, the duo was distinctly apart from one another in their uniquely special ways. Rather than the leading ladies battling out one another, their respective set of fans and admirers were/or for that matter even are found at loggerheads.

5. Karisma- Raveena

To go by authentically reliable sources, the ladies could hardly tolerate one another. But then, it is ironical how they could accompany one another as the best onscreen buddies in ‘Andaz Apna Apna’.

6. Aishwarya- Rani
Aishwarya- Rani

The similar is true of the off-screen equation between Rani  and  Aishwarya.  Again according to the rumor mills of the glam-sham industry, both had a common conflict of interest in Abhishek Bachchan. Just as the vibes between Big B & Rekha are known to all and sundry, the same is true about Abhi baby’s fling with the glittering Rani.