Rishi Kapoor yells at a female fan outside restaurant

Rishi Kapoor, who enjoyed dinner with his family on Wednesday at a Michellin star restaurant in Bandra Kurla Complex insulted a female fan who asked for a picture with him. Rishi Kapoor insulted the girl in front of her family.

It so happened that when the family was dining at Yauatcha. The girl who also came with her family got excited to see the Kapoor family, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu, Ranbir, Riddhima, Samara at the same restaurant. She walked up to them and took picture with Neetu and Ranbir but since Rishi Kapoor was doing something else, she could not clicked with him.

After the family made exit, the girl run up to Rishi Kapoor to take a picture with him but he behaved very rudely with her and gave her an earful. The girl didn’t expect this from the veteran actor and told him how rude he is. Then what, Rishi Kapoor who only takes a second to lost his temper burst out at the girl.

Ranbir Kapoor rushed to the spot to handle the situation.  He maturely handled the situation. Ranbir personally apologised to the female fan and requested his father, who was bubbling in anger, to sit in the car.