Rishi Kapoor turns 63; a look at 5 of his films with wife Neetu Singh

Rishi Kapoor played the role of his father’s younger version in the latter’s film ‘Mera Naam Joker’ and bagged the National Film Award for Best Child Artist. He also won the Filmfare Best Actor Award for his first lead role in ‘Bobby’. Coming from Bollywood’s first family, acting runs in his blood. With his chocolate boy image he starred in many romantic films and and stole a million hearts. Born on September 4, 1952, Rishi Kapoor turns 63 today.

He has done a good number of films with Neetu Singh whom he married in January 1980 in a grand ceremony after a courtship of five years. On the occasion of his Birthday, here’s a look at five films of one of the most iconic on-screen and off-screen couple.

Khel Khel Mein (1975)

The film was an adaption of Louis Thomas’ novel ‘Good children don’t kill’. Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh played the roles of college students Ajay and Nisha respectively, who keep playing pranks with others. Once, they typewrite an extortion letter to a rich man and the man dies and they become prime suspects in the case. How the duo save themselve forms the film’s story. The songs of the film particularly enjoyed high popularity – ‘Ek mein aur ek tu’, Khullam khulla pyar karenge’ and ‘Humne tumko dekha’.

Zinda Dil (1975)

The film directed by Sikander Khanna revolved around a father who used to discriminate between his two sons. One of the sons, played by Rishi Kapoor leaves home. He takes up a job at a hotel owned by the father of Jyoti whose role was enacted by Neetu Singh. Rishi’s character Arun had once saved Jyoti from committing suicide. There he comes to know from a colleague about his mother who was still alive. The film also featured Pran in the role of Rishi’s father and Rajesh Leher, a look-alike of Rishi who played his twin brother.

Rafoo Chakkar (1975)

Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh once again came together for this hit comedy film when they were at the peak of their popularity as on-screen romantic couple. The film by Narender Bedi was inspired by the 1959 American film ‘Some Like It Hot’ starring Marilyn Monroe. The film tells the story of two jobless musicians who are witness a murder, but the murderer spots them. To dodge the villains, they disguise themselves as women and board a train in which a group of female singers is on its way for a performance.

Doosra Aadmi (1977)

The film directed by Ramesh Talwar and produced by Yash Chopra was about a young married couple Karan Saxena and Timsi, played by Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh respectively, and how their married life is threatened with the entry of Nisha whose role is played by Rakhee. Nisha, despite being an accomplished architect, leads an isolated life after the tragic death of her boyfriend. Karan offers her a job in his ad agency and she accepts as he has an uncanny resemblance with her dead boyfriend, played by Rishi Kapoor’s real-life uncle Shashi Kapoor. Nisha will do anything to be with the man who resembles her boyfriend, and this creates havoc in the young couple’s life.

Dhan Daulat (1980)

The film was based on the premise of poor boy falling in love with a rich girl. Rishi Kapoor played the role of Lucky who was found abandoned by two men. They bring him up with a woman’s help and he grows up to be a street-smart guy. He happens to meet the daughter of a wealthy man Shanti whose role played by Neetu Singh. However, Shanti’s father refuses to offer her hand in marriage to Lucky because of the differences in their economic and social statuses. Directed by Harish Shah, the film also starred Rajendra Kumar, Mala Sinha, Pran, Prem Chopra and Madan Puri.