Rishi Kapoor trolled for comparing Johnty Rhodes' child's name with Taimur

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s new-born Taimur Ali Khan became a sensation on social media as soon as he was born. While many congratulated the star couple, others slammed them for naming the baby after the tyrannical ruler Timur.  

The twitteratis’ obsession with the child’s name didn’t seem to have stopped even after 10 days of Taimur’s birth. So, the baby’s fiery grand-uncle Rishi Kapoor once again came to the rescue. This time, he provided the instance of Johnty Rhodes naming his daughter ‘India’, but instead, got trolled himself.  

The veteran actor shared a picture of the South African cricketer with his wife and daughter, explaining why he named her 'India'. With the picture, Rishi Kapoor tweeted, "You caught it right! Thank you Johnty Rodes for that. Only parents have the right to name their kids whatever."

Unfortunately, Rishi’s tweet backfired and twitteratis are having a field day at his expense. Following are some tweets taking a dig at the ‘Kapoor & Sons’ actor on his latest ‘Johnty Rhodes’ tweet in support of Taimur.

“So what did u @chintskap and your family learnt from Taimur? Rape, killing, looting, torturing?”

@chintskap sir r u comparing India wd taimur? No i dont hv problem wd name bt If Kiran rao can name her child Azad 'Rao' khan Y cant Kareena.”

[email protected] Absolutely parents prerogative. But do read why Jonty Rhodes names his child India in the image.Do u believe in sound vibrations.”

[email protected] Get a life dude! He named her daughter India as pride..What pride did ur daughter get naming her son Taimur? Shame on you.”

[email protected] name of child shows the mentality, depth and thought process of parents.”

[email protected] he did great..! But what about #Taimur.! Don't try to defend nonsense.!”