Rishi Kapoor says Ranbir doesn’t discuss about Katrina

Rishi Kapoor, who recently joined social media, is flooded with queries from fans about son and actor Ranbir Kapoor and his girlfriend, Katrina Kaif. The veteran actor replied that he doesn’t know much about Katrina as his son doesn’t discuss much about her.

The 62-year-old says that the couple likes to keep things within them and does not want to disclose.

"Ever since I have been on social media, more and more people have been asking me about them. I don't know much myself," he says, adding, "They have said they want to keep things private and they like the way things are. They hardly talk about their relationship with anyone, and he (Ranbir) doesn't talk much about it with us. So I am sorry, but I myself don't know much about them. What can I say then? And honestly, I am fine with it. I mean, it's their decision and I respect that," he tells us. 

The veteran actor shared an adorable childhood picture of Ranbir reading comics online; he further tells us that all he can share enough fun stories about Ranbir and the quality time he and Ranbir spent together.

What is unique in this picture?In my living room,on the left side on the floor,is a young Ranbir reading comics

"I can share many such stories. A lot of people retweeted that photo and thanked me for sharing a photo from his childhood. I can share many such stories from his childhood. I just chanced upon this one, while going through one of my photo albums," he says.