Rishi Kapoor plans legal action against those who maligned him

In a new development to the controversy around the Kapoors’ Ganesh visarjan, Rishi Kapoor is planning to take legal action against those who ‘maligned’ him.

The ‘Kapoor & Sons’ actor, along with his brother Randhir and son Ranbir, was accused of misbehaviour and hitting a journalist during the Ganpati visarjan (immersion) of the idol of RK Studio, Chembur last Thursday, September 15. A video showing the Kapoor brothers pushing the crowd and the media around them during the visarjan ceremony had gone viral.   

Rishi Kapoor vehemently denied the allegations and said that he had not hit anyone, but was rather monitoring the crowd who had gone berserk. He expressed his displeasure that the media did not even try know their side of the story, before making it such a big issue.

Thereafter, the journalist who was allegedly slapped by the actor also came forward and explained that the video clip was “cleverly edited” and that no one “pushed or hit” him. Identified as Sumit Sharma from India TV, the journalist said he fell on his own after his foot got entangled in the camera wire. He added that “the Kapoor family did not target or misbehave with any media persons.”  

After the journalist clarified the whole incident, Rishi Kapoor thanked him on Twitter and also indicated about his plans to sue those media houses that tried to show him in bad light.

"Identified the channel and the reporter who deliberately maligned us. Media helped. Lawyers being consulted. Thank you who ever stood by us," the veteran actor tweeted.

However, Rishi Kapoor refused to comment anything more on the issue when a leading daily contacted him, asking to elaborate on his tweet.