Rishi Kapoor not in favor of Ranbir-Katrina’s marriage

On one hand, gossip column is buzz with the report of Ranbir Kapoor and Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif’s engagement and marriage whereas on the other hand, an insider reveals Rishi Kapoor is not in support of the marriage.

Rishi Kapoor is said to be not in favor of Ranbir’s marriage to Katrina. Well, the exact reason of his disapproval is not yet known but according to a source, the veteran actor is against their nuptial. But the case is different for Neetu Kapoor. She is highly impressed with the gorgeous actress and she fully supports the bonding between her son and Katrina. She was even clicked with Katrina with her mother at a restaurant in London.

Neetu is over possessive about her son and Ranbir too respects his mother’s choice. It was said that Ranbir cut ties with Deepika Padukoen as Neetu dislikes her. But later the actor dismissed the report saying his mother is not involved in his break-up.

Off late, Ranbir’s parents were angry with both Ranbir and Katrina when their private vacation pictures circulated all rounds. A source says, “Ranbir’s parents have never reacted very well to news about their son’s dalliances. They feel this will affect his professional life.” An enraged Rishi Kapoor said, “I don’t subscribe to this nonsense”.

Neetu is over-possessive of her son’s personal life. As we have all seen Ranbir Kapoor very often comes under media scanner for his Casanova nature and for that reason his parents are unhappy.

Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor are very proud of their son Ranbir Kapoor who in the short span of his career has firmed his foot in Bollywood but they are fed-up as Ranbir very often hit the headlines for some wrong reasons. Now Neetu is angry over her son and Katrina Kaif as their private moment in Spain is open picture to all. It has been splashed everywhere and for that reason Ranbir’s mom is angry. Neetu who is very fond of Katrina is extremely furious with their intimate photographs splashed in tabloids, newspaper, TV channel and on websites. She believes that those photographs would bring a negative impact on Ranbir's blooming career.