Rishi Kapoor misbehaves with Salman Khan’s Bhabhi’ Seema Khan, Neetu apologizes

Rishi Kapoor’s hot temperament is not hidden to anyone. Couple of times the veteran actor bursts out his anger on social media and again the actor mired in a new controversy. Rishi Kapoor allegedly misbehaved with Salman Khan’s sister-in-law Seema Khan. At Sonam Kapoor’s wedding reception ceremony, Rishi Kapoor had bitter words with Seema Khan.

Rishi Kapoor arrived at the bash with wife Neetu Kapoor. Everything was going peacefully until Salman Khan and his family turned up. Rishi got miffed with the fact that Salman did not greet him properly when they met at the party. The ‘102 Not Out’ expressed his anger to Seema Khan, who turned up to Salman to narrate what happened. But before Salman intervened, Rishi already left the party.

It is later learnt that Neetu, who is fully aware of her husband’s temperament reached out to Salman Khan and apologized for Rishi Kapoor’s misbehavior.

In a latest interview, when Neetu was asked to  point out the difference between Ranbir and Rishi, she replied, “He is a brat, he is a bully. And he is loud. Ranbir is totally down-to-earth, simple and never loses his cool,” she says in the video. Rishi expression was priceless. At the end Neetu apologises to Rishi but the ‘sorry’ got lost in her laughter. Sharing the video, Neetu wrote on Instagram, “This was totally unintentional was asked to compare junior n senior !!! His expressions Priceless #nofilter #funny.