Rishi Kapoor loses cool at a Pakistani woman on Twitter

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor vented his anger at a Pakistani woman after the actor expressed his views on Twitter on Kulbhushan Jadhav, an Indian accused of spying, who has been sentenced to death. Following his tweet, Rishi Kapoor received backlash from Pakistani community, who did not take his tweet in good sense.

It all started when Rishi Kapoor wrote "Pakistan just wants hatred" after Kulbhushan Jadhav's was sentenced.

In response to his tweet, a Pakistani woman abused him by calling him "f*****g ignorant".

Another Pakistani woman abused Rishi Kapoor and used foul language. .

In a series of tweet, Rishi Kapoor slammed the Pakistani women

#Sorry India.Tried to broker peace via actors,films,sports etc..with Pakistan,but they just want hatred,so be it!Taali do haath se bajti hai!

#Mind your language young lady! Surely your parents did not teach you to speak to elders this way? https://twitter.com/fay_alif/status/851423854442323969 …

#I was talking about your language not morality. Perhaps that's the way you address elders there https://twitter.com/fay_alif/status/851425512505454592 …

#Another well educated girl! https://twitter.com/arishats/status/851432278957768704 …

#These girls abuse and when exposed they make their tweets unavailable. Such is their conviction lol

In the past, Rishi Kapoor was criticized for posting abusive tweets against women.

Tejan Srivastava wrote# First abuse women via. DM and then abuse Parsi community on Twitter. That's oldie Bollywood star Rishi Kapoor @chintskap for you ppl. pic.twitter.com/SGZ6mzb3AN

Recently, Rishi Kapoor launched his autobiography 'Khullam Khulla' and it sold like a hot cake. He spoke his heart out in the book.