Rishi Kapoor had a relapse after visiting Delhi this February, Rakesh Roshan

Rishi Kapoor’s close friend and filmmaker Rakesh Roshan opened up some unknown facts about Rishi’s Kapoor’s health. Rakesh Roshan said that Rishi Kapoor had a relapse after visiting Delhi in February. He added that he warned him against visiting Delhi for a wedding.

Both Rishi and Rakesh were diagnosed with cancer in 2018 and successfully defeated the disease but according to Rakesh Roshan, Rishi made mistake by attending Delhi wedding. “Both of had cancer, though different kinds. I am aware of how infection-prone we are. So when Chintu told me about his plans to go to Delhi in February for a wedding I advised him against it. But he still went, and had a relapse there. When I met Chintu he admitted he should’ve listened to me and that he made a mistake by going to Delhi,” Rakesh told Bollywood Hungama in an interview.

Rishi was admitted to Delhi hospital in February and later said in an interview to PTI, “I have had an infection which am getting treated. Nothing dramatic. Pollution got me I guess.”

Rakesh Roshan further added. “I am a hundred percent cured, touchwood. Chintu asked me why I didn’t start a new film. I told him I will wait until September when my final medical tests will happen. I would rather wait until I’m fully sure. Health comes first. And this is what I told Chintu also.”

Remembering Rishi, Rakesh had earlier written in Hindsthan Times, “Chintu (as Kapoor was fondly known as by his friends and family) and I were friends for the last 44 years. So, you can imagine that we have had a really long association – on as well offscreen. But now, within a flash of a second, it has all, suddenly, come to a full stop.”