Rishi Kapoor blasts media for creating ruckus outside Ekta’s Diwali bash

On Saturday, veteran actor Rishi Kapoor attended the Diwali bash of Ekta Kapoor with wife Neetu Kapoor and he lost his cool over media for unnecessary creating a ruckus outside the party. A video of Rishi scolding the media persons was doing the round on net.

The video showed the actor got angry and he spoke to one of the photographers, telling them to maintain the reputation of the film fraternity.

“Don’t make noise,” Rishi can be seen saying strictly and the very next moment he calmed down and continued, “We have to maintain our dignity. People shouldn’t look down upon us film industry folk. Take your photographs, do your jobs, but don’t make noise. I notice this all the time, you people yelling out ‘look here, look there’. Please don’t do that.”

At that point, a band guy intervenes and asks Rishi if the rule applies to him as well. Rishi says, “Yes you can, it’s your job,” and continues, “I am a senior member of the industry, so please don’t make noise.” The band guy complains to Rishi that the security people are responsible for creating a ruckus, to which the actor replies, “We wouldn’t survive without them, and they wouldn’t survive without us.” This lightens the mood as the photographers laud Rishi for his statement. “You must maintain a level of decorum,” Rishi continues, before thanking them for listening and calling for his wife. “Aajao bhai Neetu. Meri gaadi aai kya?” The video received mixed responses from netizens. While some supported Rishi, some criticized his action.