RIP: Celebrities left us in 2012…

The year 2012 saw the demise of various Indian celebrities. The year, which has otherwise seen various contributions to the film industry, also took away from us many who were very close. These people have made great contributions to Indian cinema and other forms of art. The entire nation has mourned the days that they passed away. The other big stars have left their condolences. Let us see the names of those Indian legends who have left us forever.

 Pandit Ravi Shankar

This sitar maestro had huge fans not only in India, but also in the entire world. He passed away on 12th December 2012, at an age of 92 he was suffering from a prolonged illness. He had won three Grammy awards. He has made unforgettable contribution to Indian music. His performance was praised by audiences from all parts of the world. His daughters Norah Jones and Anoushka Shankar survive after him. Both are musicians and leading artists. His death left many people of the nation sad.

 Yash Chopra

He has given to the Bollywood industry such great films that no other director could. This legendary film maker’s unfortunate death on 21st October shook the entire Bollywood industry. Stars feel that they had lost someone who was as close to them as their father. He was suffering from Dengue and died due to multiple organ failures. He did not live to see the last movie that he made-Jab Tak Hain Jaan.

 Rajesh Khanna

He was the King of Romances of his time. His films still reside in the hearts of millions. Some even call him the ‘First Super Star’ in the Indian cinema. He had 15 hit films consecutively, which is still a record. He died on 18th July this year and will be remembered by all.

 Jaspal Bhatti

He is one of the leading comedians of India. He has worked in famous shows like Ulta Pulta and Flop Show. His witty dialogues and satirical acting brought him praises. His unfortunate death happened on 25th October.

 Dara Singh

He was a legendary wrestler before turning to an actor. He has done several films. He died on 12th July due to sudden Cardiac attack.

 A.K. Hangal

Not a legend of Indian Cinema, this actor is known for his excellent contribution in ‘Sholay’. He was one of the most experienced actors of his time. He died on 26th August.
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