Rima Das’s ‘Village Rockstars’ is India's official entry to Oscars 2019

Rima Das's ‘Village Rockstars’ has been selected as India's official entry to the Best Foreign Film category at the Oscars next year, says a Film Federation of India official.

Rima is delighted to hear that her film has been selected for Oscars. Highly thrilled, Rima Das said, “Thank you thank you thank you!” 

‘Village Rockstars’ has been made on a shoestring budget and manheld camera in rural Assam. A 12-membered jury — led by Mr SV Rajendra Singh Babu announced that ‘Village Rockstars’ will be the official contender for Oscars 2019 in the Best Foreign Language Film category on Saturday morning.

Talking to indianexpress.com Das that she received “hints of the news” last night itself. “Of course, I couldn’t say anything then but today has to be the happiest day of my life.” The self-taught filmmaker, who is currently at her village, Kalardiya, in Assam’s Chaygaon, added: “I just happened to be home — and what timing to receive this news. Right now I’m celebrating with my family, friends and the cast”

In an earlier interview to The Indian Express, Das had said “I did not have any storyboard for Village Rockstars. Since there was no crew, I did not use any artificial light. I shot in the magic light — in the morning and afternoon when the sunlight is not harsh. All the actors, barring well-known Assamese actor Kulada Bhattyacharya, who appears as a wise man, are from my village. And they literally learned how to act under mukoli aakax (open skies).”

Bhanita Das enacts the role of a ten-year-old girl who dreams to become a Rockstar despite poverty.

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