Rihanna spotted kissing a mystery man

Pop singer Rihanna who has patched up with her on and off boyfriend Chris Brown was spotted kissing a mystery man. He was a big fan of Rihanna and the ardent fan caught up with his dream idol and get along with her like a house on fire. The fan posted the kissing photo online.

Rihanna got cozy and personal with her fan Justin LaBoy in a New York club. Excited Justin posted different kissing poses of him and Rihanna on twitter. The way that got cozy with each other, it seems that they are more a couple than a fan and an artist.

In one of the captions, Justin even referred Rihanna as his "wife". It reads, “ "Me and the wife @Rihanna out here tonight." The 25-year-old pop star closed her eyes as she casts a peck on his cheeks. Rihanna was dressed in a basketball vest, chunky necklace and backwards cap

It was not too long, her long time beau Chris Brown tweeted, "S**t is overrated now a days," and "Just remember to keep ya muthaf****n head up."

Hope, Rihanna’s cozy club picture does not put her relationship in trouble again.

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