Ridhi Dogra-Raqesh Bapat ends 7-year-old marriage, heading for divorce

Another marriage has gone kaput. Television’s charming couple, Ridhi Dogra and Raqesh Bapat’s seven-year-old marriage has come to an end and the couple is heading for divorce. Ridhi’s friends Asha Negi and Sargun Mehta have indirectly confirmed the news.

Ridhi Dogra and Raqesh Bapat’s marriage hit the rough patch and they are no more living together under one roof. When contacted, Asha Negi said, "Ridhi is my best friend. I am sorry and cannot comment on this." When spotboye asked if she is aware about Ridhi-Raqesh's current status of marriage, Asha said, "Look, I am Ridhi's friend and I would know anything and everything, but I don't want to comment on this matter." And then quickly said, "I am not aware of anything." 

When contacted, Sargun Mehta, she said, "I am sorry, I cannot talk on anything without having permission. It's Ridhi's personal matter and she wouldn't like it to be discussed like this. I will have to first discuss it with Ridhi before I speak to anybody”.

When spotboye contacted Ridhi, she patiently said, "I am sorry. I have to..." and she disconnected the call. When the entertainment portal texted her saying 'requesting you to call back or send a quote', to which the actress ultimately replied, "You have no right to talk about anyone's personal life. Stay away."

When further probed whether and she and Bapat are heading for divorce, Ridhi reverted, "No, we are not. You are talking rubbish. Please stop this."