Sister Riddhima speaks up for Ranbir and Katrina

Ranbir Kapoor has been dating Katrina Kaif for almost a couple of years and the two are currently living together in a new apartment at Silver Sands in Bandra, Mumbai. According to the rumours, it is costing the couple Rs 15 lakh in rent every month. However, strong rumours are also making the rounds that Ranbir’s mom and dad Neetu Kapoor and Rishi are not in favour of the match.

The rumours gained ground from an Instagram photo posted by Neetu. The photo was taken at the grand birthday bash of Ranbir’s cousin Nitasha Nanda. It showed Ranbir, Neetu, Katrina and Rishi Kapoor’s sister Reema. However, when Neetu posted the photo, Katrina was cropped out of it. Speculations instantly arose about why Neetu would crop out her son’s current girlfriend?

While a few people thought that this may have been done to keep the relationship private as the couple had repeatedly wished, but most people saw a darker motive behind the action. Very soon Neetu’s insta feed was crammed with people expressing their opinion about the relationship and her supposed disapproval of it.

Though Neetu has maintained silence in face of this provocation, her daughter Riddhima Sahni has finally taken a stand in the affair. She took one such hater and let the person know that such speculations and ideas are completely baseless and in bad taste. The fact that Riddhima came out so strongly in support of her brother and her girlfriend has gone a long way towards dispelling any rumours regarding the family disharmony about this issue.

Some time previously Ranbir’s cousin Kareena had openly referred to the Ranbir Kat relationship on an episode of ‘Koffee with Karan’ where she went as far as to describe Katrina as her sister in law. So, Riddhima is the second person in the family to come out in support of the relationship.

Some time previously, in an interview to Hindustan Times, Riddhima had said about the romance, "I have met Katrina, and she is a lovely girl. Beyond that, I really have no idea." But whether she knows anything about the future or not, she has certainly silenced the rumour mongers for the time being with her strong support of Ranbir and Kat.

Meanwhile, Katrina has also gone to great lengths to build good relation with Ranbir’s parents. Reportedly when she arrived from Bangkok she went to visit Rishi Kapoor who is suffering from malaria and dengue.