Riddhima Sahni likes Karisma’s ex-hubby Sunjay Kapur

Not only Babita and Neetu Kapoor share cold war but their respective daughters Riddhima Sahni and Karisma Kapoor are also carrying the legacy of rivalry forward. Ideally, when Karisma had separated from her first husband Sunjay Kapur then as a cousin sister Riddhima should also cut her relationship with Sunjay but in their case the situation is different. Riddhima still remains in contact with Sunjay and ‘liked’ an Instagram post involving Sunjay Kapur and his ladylove Priya Sachdev.

On December 14th, Karisma’s ex-hubby's girlfriend Priya celebrated birthday in a plush hotel. A mutual friend of Priya Sachdev and Sunjay Kapur posted a message, ‘Happy happy Birthday darling P... Love you TWO much...” and she even tagged both of them.

When the post is minutely observed that we can see that the mutual friend who has tagged the two of them is none other than Riddhima Sahni, daughter of Neetu Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor.

The interesting part is that Riddhima has wished Priya not only once but thrice.

When the past is dig then it is learnt that the rivalry between the Kapoor sisters dates long back. Neetu and Babita are also not in no talking terms. The Kapoor bahus always maintained safe distance from one another due to some unknown reasons and now their respective daughters are also hurting each other’s sentiments.

Being a sister one should understand one another’s pain but in their case Riddhima and Karisma augmenting their sorrow.   

After officially parting with Sunjay Kapur, Karisma Kapoor has found love again. It is heard that Karisma is dating Sandeep Toshiwal and the couple will enter into wedlock once Sandeep gets divorced from his first wife. In few events, Karisma and Sandeep are spotted together.

Sandeep has also purchased a spacious apartment in Bandra for Karisma and her children and it is also heard that he would move in with Karisma soon.