RGV had a huge crush on Sridevi

Director Ram Gopal Varma is highly passionate about Sridevi and desperate to work with her. He admitted that he had a huge crush on Sridevi when she was an actress and ardently wanted her back on silver screen. He is desperate to capture her beauty and elegancy in his film titled, ‘Shaque’ to be directed by his assistant Rumina.

Ramu wrote a letter to Sri expressing his desire but yet not received any confirmation from her. ‘Shaque’ is a story about marital discord between husband and a wife. Ramu immediately thought of Sridevi for the role. Says a source, "When she didn't respond to his text messages, he sent her a letter talking about the film and his desire to work with her."

When contacted, Ramu denied about the letter but admits posting one on his blog. "Yes it's a letter expressing my feelings about her as an actress. I just felt whatever I wanted to and wrote on my blog." He isn't aware if she has read the letter."

In the blog, Ram Gopal Varma expressed his hatred for Boney Kapoor for confining the beautiful and versatile actress in the four walls of the house.