Review petition filed by Sanjay Dutt today

It was in 2007 that the Supreme Court had passed a verdict on the Sanjay Dutt case, sentencing him to jail for 6 years. He had been granted bail at that time. On Thursday, March 21, 2013, the Supreme Court gave out the final verdict of 5 years. Of which, he has already spent 18 months in jail.

He is expected to surrender in the coming 4 weeks. When the serial blasts had shocked Mumbai in 1993, Sanjay Dutt was found with illegal arms. It was linked with those who had carried the serial blasts in Mumbai. The court refused to release him even on probation because of the seriousness of his offense.

When the final verdict was out yesterday, Sanjay Dutt’s family and friends have been around him as his support system. He is going to be filing a review petition, so as to get some relief from this sentence.

On the film front, there is a lot of money riding on Sanjay Dutt currently, with several of his films lined up for release, and some that he has shot for. But if the review petition is rejected and Sanjay Dutt has to go to jail for three and a half years, he will have to let go several other films. The Munnabhai series will not be able to take off without him, and there is Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘Peekay’ in the pipeline.

However, Dutt also has the option of filing for a curative petition. And in addition to this, reach out to the Governor of Maharashtra, who can provide some relief. But that depends entirely on the recommendation of the State Government.

The following statement was issued by Sanjay Dutt after the verdict was out, “I have already suffered for 20 years and been in jail for 18 months. If they want me to suffer more I have to be strong. I am heart-broken because today along with me, my three children and my wife and my family will undergo the punishment. I have always respected the judicial system and will continue to do so, even with tears in my eyes I know in my heart that I have always been a good human being, respected the system and always been loyal to my country. I am shattered and in emotional distress. I am sorry I can't come down and meet you all. God is great and he will guide me through this."