Revealed: Poonam Pandey's raunchy film photoshoot

Poonam Pandey falls into the category of an attention-seeker. She used her twitter handle to post videos and photos that were raunchy and clearly objectionable. However, she seemed to enjoy that sort of self-publicity and was reluctant to retreat in any way.

She even tweeted that she would go nude if India would win the World Cup. One of her pictures even created tumult and furore in Kolkata when a leading daily published that picture which she had posted.

Current news is that she after trying out every gimmick to grab the limelight she has final been offered a film. The first look of her debut film has not been publicised by her yet but a bold and incendiary picture of her from her film’s photoshoot has been published online.

A source claims that Poonam Pandey’s film has been named “Nasha”. Though it had been speculated earlier on that the film would be named “Charas” or simply “Addiction”, “Nasha” has been finalized.

She has been gradually revealing the letters of the title of her film as part of her promotional strategy. A final announcement on her part is yet to be made.

The first look will be unveiled this week itself. The 21-year old newcomer has said that her film is edgier and different from the other kind of films that are offered to the audience. She also said "There are different types of addiction. This film is also about one type of addiction and is certainly a movie that one will remember in the years to come”.

Poonam also said “I had over a hundred offers till date to act in all kinds of movies. But I chose this film because I wanted to be the heart of the story and not just a part of the script. I did not merely want to be relegated to be a prop on the set and wanted to act properly in the film and this film that Aditya Bhatia is producing promised to be that movie.”

A source from the sets quipped “"Poonam ka Nasha sar chadh ke bolega,". Poonam Pandey however, has not revealed much about the film or its plot but she said "Wait for the magic to unveil. It will become an Addiction for you". She has certified the movie as an adult film but affirmed "I don't think we will have to face any problem with the censor board. Yes, I agree we have some bold and intense scenes in the film but it should not create any problem".