Revealed: Aamir Khan’s new ‘Dhoom 3’ look

We have already informed you that Aamir Khan has rented an apartment in Chicago to be with his family for the three months shooting in Chicago. Much has been talked about his chic look in high flier action thriller ‘Dhoom 3’ but updating on Aamir’s ‘Dhoom 3’ shooting and his look was two NRIs Bidisha Roy and Krishnendu Sengupta - a couple from Kolkata. Aamir rented an apartment near to them and the couple feel lucky to have Aamir Khan as their new neighbor.

Speaking about ‘Dhoom 3’ shooting where a body double has been used to shoot the bike sequence, Bidisha, said, “We saw his stunt-double doing the action. He looked a little taller than Aamir and was dressed in black".

But the man himself - with a lean, mean look and a never-seen-before hairdo - arrived in a while. "It looked like he'd gone back to his ‘Ghajini’ days. We had read reports of how Aamir wanted a new hairstyle for this film. During the day, he hardly took his hat off. But when he did, we could understand what might have prompted him to keep his look hidden - it's that different," said Bidisha.

While the crowd went berserk to catch a glimpse of the star, Aamir sat with a book, unperturbed by the hullabaloo. "When not shooting or talking to the director, he was reading a book on Mahatma Gandhi" she added. Bidisha later found out that Aamir had put up in the building next to theirs. "But he chooses to stay indoors. Only on Eid, there was a huge bash at his apartment," she said. The cast has now been joined by Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra. "My husband met them and they were extremely courteous. We are now looking forward to the arrival of Katrina Kaif”, she said.

‘Dhoom 3’ stars Katrina Kaif in the lead role.