Renowned Punjabi singer Dharampreet commits suicide

Days within actress Aarthi Agarwal, who was battling depression and obesity died after a failed liposuction surgery, a renowned Punjabi singer ended his life due to a downfall in his career.

40-year-old Punjabi singer Dharampreet , who was passing through a lean phase in his career, committed suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling fan at his residence in Bathinda on Sunday night.

Like Aarthi, who underwent the fatal surgery for not getting any roles due to weight issues, the singer took his life for being unable to release any album of songs in the past years.

Dharampreet, a native of Bilaspur village in Moga was living at Bathinda’s Bharat Nagar area for the past 15 years.

According to reports, the singer returned home after a show in Amritsar on Sunday. He was alone as his wife Mandeep Kaur and their 11-year-old son had gone to his in-law’s place, when he took this extreme step.

The following morning when Dhrampreet did not open the door till 10 am, his anxious mother Balvir Kaur called the neighbours who broke open the door and found the singer dead.

Balvir Kaur said her son was upset due to downfall in his career. “For last few days, he often said that this fan will take my life,” she said.

Bathinda Cantonment station house officer Harpreet Singh said, “No suicide note has been found from the body. The family has not complained about anybody's involvement in the incident.”

Dharampreet began his singing career in 1993 and is known for singing melancholic songs. He became a household name in rural Punjab after he released his first album that year. He had released about 15 albums in his career spanning over a decade.

‘Aa lae pyar nishani chhalla mori na,' 'Tutte dil ni jurde' and 'Khatra hai sohanya nu dil naal khed di rahi' were some of his popular songs. He released his last album titled ‘Emotion of Heart’ in 2010. He only did music shows after that.

Punjabi filmmaker Amardeep Gill who knew Dharampreet said the singer was a down-to-earth person. “He had made his name by sheer hard work and was very serious about his singing,” Gill added.