Renee becomes the new captain at 'Bigg Boss 8'

The twists and turns at the house of Bigg Boss 8 never ceases to surprise. In the recent turn of events the wild card entrant Renee Dhyani was chosen the captain of the house yesterday. Even in their wild dreams the viewers of the show or the housemates couldn’t have thought that Renee could become the captain so quickly. Even Renee herself must have been surprised with the result. It is a perfect example of negative voting and can be a case study for the sociologists.

Bigg Boss created a new format for choosing the house captain this time. It was designed to give the housemates who were never a captain an opportunity to captain the house. Each of the previous captains was given the task of cancelling the nomination of one would be captain. As it happened, all the past captains voted out the housemates with whom they had past issues or felt to be a strong contestant and a possible competitor to the coveted prize.

Now Renee keeps a low profile and is not seen embroiled in an argument recently. Also she mixes well with all the housemates irrespective of groupism. Therefore when the time came to vote out the would be captains, she was not considered much of a threat and stayed on to become the captain. All the best to her and hats off to her lucky stars!

However, Karishma Tanna could not take it when Gautam Gulati voted her out of the race for captaincy. She was seen with moist eyes and complaining to other housemates about the ‘foolish’ decision of Gautam. She ignored Gautam for the rest of the day. Gautam tried to make amends with her by explaining his reasoning. However, she snapped at Gautam and told, “I am a strong contestant, and that's why you took me off this race.”

Things must be tough for Gautam, as Karishma is the best friend of Diandra Soares in the house. But Diandra doesn’t seem to mind Gautam’s decision as later on in the day she was seen dragging him inside the ladies wash room to teach him something about ‘what is to be afraid about’. The thing started when Gautam playfully started teasing her by saying that he was not afraid. It seems like we have a love story in the making or is it all part of a game? Only time will tell.