Rekha will mimic Big B in ‘Super Nani’

The flick ‘Super Nani’ is the comeback film for the glamorous yester year screen diva, Rekha. She is playing the role of a conventional nani (grandmother) in the film. However, her life changes when her grandson (played by Sharman Joshi) inspires her to rise above the mundane life. She transforms magnificently to turn in to a super nani and in the process takes up modeling assignment.

It is during the shoot of the modeling in the film that the actress will be seen mimicking the legendary Amitabh Bachchan. An insider source speaking about the mimicking part in the film further narrated the story line saying that, “Anupam Kher, who is an old buddy, comes to the new glam Bharti and offers her an ad with the Big B. Rekha does a take-off on Bachchan’s famous mannerisms, including the trademark `hain’, as is seen in the film’s first trailer which will be unveiled this weekend.”

Interestingly Rekha and Amitabh were rumored to be in love with each other and even today their affair is still spoken with same enthusiasm. However, the two were never seen in a movie together after the film ‘Silsila’ in the 1980s. It is still hotly debated whether the two are still in love with each other or not? Therefore making Rekha imitate the legendary scene star is nothing less than a coupe.

Indra Kumar, the director and co-producer of the film speaking about Rekha’s mimicking incident stated, "The scene you refer to is a part of the story, wherein we witness Rekhaji's transformation and her entry into the modeling world, following which she is offered prestigious TV commercials. When we approached her with this scene in which she had to imitate Mr Bachchan's famous mannerisms, which we felt would add a fun element to the story, she sportingly agreed. We have shot it in a humorous way."

The Hindi movie buffs will have to wait for a few more days as the film ‘Super Nani’ is all set to release on 24th October this year. It will be a treat to watch Rekha mimicking Amitabh. The trailer of the movie is to release with the film ‘Khoobsurat’ which stars Fawad Khan and Sonam Kapoor. Interestingly the new film ‘Khoobsurat’ is the remake of an old block blaster classic movie of Rekha. We wish Rekha all the best for her come back film.