Rekha-The undisputed Queen of Bollywood

RekhaThe star studded glamour horizon of tinsel has manifold wonders to unravel. One such wonder happens to be the sensationally spectacular Rekha- the quintessence of glitz, glamour, versatility and style.

Early years

Originally known as Bhanurekha Ganesan, Rekha happens to be the descendent of Gemini Ganesan & Pushpavali. Incidentally both her parents were parts of stardom, while her father was from the filmdom of Tamil Nadu; her mother had deals to offer in Andhra Pradesh. Born out of wedlock, the actress had   much struggle and hardship to put up with.

Advent into the world of stardom

Financial predicament of her family, in which her father denied playing any role, catapulted Rekha into the arena of stardom. She made her debut in ‘Rangula Ratnam’- the flick in Telegu showcased the glamour diva as a child performer. Her performance as the main protagonist revolves around “Goa Dalli CID 999”- a flick in Kannada. Her advent into the Mumbai film industry revolves around ‘Sawan Bhadon’.

The struggle prone initial years

The proverbial glamour icon had no real knack for acting. Her family’s financial vulnerability goaded her into the glitzy as well as risky shores of stardom. Getting used to the new nuances of the film industry in Mumbai was another spell of tough struggle. But the battling teenager made her way through to emerge as a style diva.

Some of the impediments on her way to stardom

She created the impression of an ugly duckling. Little or no knowledge of Hindi was another stumbling block.  She had issues about communicating fluently in Hindi. However Rekha was determined to fight out all the obstacles in the process of achieving her goal.

The rewards of a devoted artist

Rekha feels that she is extremely thankful to the film industry for all that it has given her. After being active for around 31 years, Rekha now enjoys the luxury of fame, popularity, glamour and also sometimes the irrelevant media quirks. She is extremely contented with her own film career and also with the attention that she feels even now.

The philosophical actress

Rekha was a very whimsical and imaginative actor. She was often engulfed in her own fantasy dream lands. Her imagination proved to be a plus point in her life as this enabled her to become an actress better than what she was the day before.  Many admire and adore Rekha for her authentic personality and her virtuous character. Despite being the star that she was Rekha never hesitated to learn and grow as a more matured actress.