Rekha looks sexy at 55

Veteran actress Rekha justifies the word evergreen. She still looks young and sexy at 55. In the latest issue of Filmfare magazine, Rekha flaunted her curvaceous body. She showed her sculpted jawbone, cleavage, shoulders, arms, waistline and legs, along with seducing eyes. To get into the perfect shape, Rekha is said to have gone under the knife. But she denies and claims that to remain fit and fine, she performs yoga regularly and live on healthy diet.

At this age, she looks so younger and sexy that she can beat any actresses of today. She visits gym and spa to remain fit and beautiful. The photographer who clicked Rekha’s picture for the magazine said that she was already looking so ravishing that he need not had to apply any camera tactics to make her look perfect.

"When we shoot digitally, a little bit of touch-up here and there is necessary. I've just made minor changes to the images... haven't tampered with her figure at all!" Photographer Mali said.

"We know she's been maintaining herself well. When you're young at heart, it reflects on your face, “he added.

Meanwhile, Filmfare editor Jitesh Pillaai too praised the actress for adoring his magazine.