Reema asks Salman to sign on her cleavage

Salman Khan’s mood is unpredictable, he is very rude at times and sometimes he acts very humbly. Like India, Salman Khan is very popular in Pakistan also. Recently, when he walked the ramp for his charity ‘Being Human’ for a show in Pakistan, girls went crazy and he was mobbed with beautiful ladies. He made them even more crazy when he opened his shirt and blew over them. One of the his female fans named Reema Khan lost her heart over him and asked her to sign an autograph on her cleavage.

In stead of feeling glad, Salman Khan burst over the girl and refused to sign. Onlookers surprised to see the reaction of the actor. This is not the first time that Salman has showed his anger in public. He is often in the news for his hot temperament.

When it comes to women, he not at all entertains vulgarity. He always wants women to be well dressed and well behaved. In many instances, he showed his displeasure on Katrina Kaif when she wore revealing clothes.