Red chilly locket symbolizes Aamir Khan’s character in Fanaa

Aamir Khan always has a new and refreshing look for all his movies. While in ‘Lagaan’, he had the rusty, brown complexion of a poor, hardworking labourer, in ‘Mangal Pandey’ he had long hair and a thick moustache and in ‘Rang De Basanti’, he sported a young and cool style. Nonetheless, he always manages to keep in mind the style quotient of his character. So what is his style funda going to be in his next Yash-Raj film, Fanaa?
Aamir will maintain his cool, young-hip look for his film Fanaa. However, he will be given a different and fresh style in his attire. He will be sporting vibrant mufflers, a few wristbands and bracelets and in particular a red chilly locket. Director Kunal Kohli says, "Fanaa is not a fashion filled film. The characters are wearing normal, natural clothes. But there are certain accessories in the film that will become synonymous with the lead actors after the film."

Aamir's clothes and look for the film has been styled by Mamta Anand who had styled Saif Ali in Salaam Namaste and Hum Tum. She was asked to give the actor an Indian look. Khan plays a Delhi tour guide, so he was given costumes like denim jackets, printed full-sleeved shirts, polo neck shirts and bright mufflers. Mamta says, "The mufflers have been co-coordinated with each outfit that Aamir has worn. Since we were shooting in the winters there are a lot of layers in his clothing and the mufflers complete it. He plays a local boy, but he's stylish. Therefore, he wears rugged denims and worn out shirts. His clothes are in tandem with his characteristic traits." Mamta speculates that after the film releases bright handspun mufflers will be a rage amongst youth in the North.

Director Kohli claims that none of the actors were given designer stuff as he feels that it is passe. He wanted his characters to have a desi and ordinary look. Even Kajol's attire in the film has a lot of Kurtis, long gypsy skirts and bold Indian prints. Mamta further adds that she did not have a difficult time dressing Aamir who is claimed to be finicky; instead, she says, "He believes in logic and reasoning. Once he is aware of the reason for a certain get-up, then he's completely non-interfering." In Fanaa Aamir wears a red chilly locket throughout, she says "Director Kunal wanted to have an accessory that summarizes the character Aamir plays. The red chilly is symbolic in many ways and one will notice this when the film releases. In fact, in the latter half Aamir's character undergoes a change and he has a completely different look with cropped hair and all."

So Aamir's look for Fanaa is going to be quite interesting. We can't wait for the film to release to check out the style icon in his new avatar.