Real Ragini accused Ekta Kapoor of ruining her life

Ekta Kapoor’s paranormal flick, ‘Ragini MMS’ has ruined the real Ragini’s life whose actual name is Deepika. The 22 years old who inspired Ekta to cut a story based on it is totally shaken with the steamy scenes shown in the movie.

She said that while narrating her story, she never told Ekta about such happening. Ekta Kapoor has included such scenes by her own. The intimate scenes shown in the film has taken the peace of Deepika, the real Ragini. She could not move out of the house and being harassed by everyone.

“Ekta has spoilt my image and ruined my life. I want her to come out and clear that the steamy scenes are not about me,” she says, adding, “People stop me on the road to ask weird questions ... it is embarrassing. I never shared (with Kapoor) any experiences of lovemaking. I had only told her that my boyfriend and I had gone for a vacation where he made a video of me, and when we saw it, we sensed some paranormal activity.”

Her family, too, is facing humiliation. She says, “Our doorbell is always ringing — people turn up to show unwanted concern all the time.” She regrets trusting Kapoor. “I will go ahead with my plans to sue her if she doesn’t show me the film before it hits theatres.”

Meanwhile, Kapoor is unfazed with Deepika’s threats. “It shouldn’t have come as a surprise because I’d made this clear to her six months ago. But now, both she and her mother are afraid that the sex scenes in the film will be associated with her.”

Justifying her stand, Ekta said that she never claimed that the entire screenplay is based on Deepika’s life. “She can’t sue me because I’ve never said that Ragini MMS is completely based on her life. I’ve only said that it’s based on a true incident around which we’ve fabricated a film,” Ekta feels that the misunderstanding will be solved once she and Deepika sit together.