Re-trial begins, witnesses to identify Salman on May 6

The re-trial of Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case begins on April 28th and three witnesses have been traced and they are likely to appear in court to identify the main culprit in the 11-year-old hit-and-run case, Bollywood actor Salman Khan. After extensive search by police, the three witnesses in the case Muslim Shaikh, Kaleem Shaikh and Manu Khan were traced and brought to the city.

The trail begins on Monday with the deposition of the first panch witness. The three witnesses were present with the police when they were gathering articles, including parts of the car and glass pieces from the crime scene. A tea vendor said before Judge D W Deshpande that on September 28, 2002, he saw a big car had rammed into a laundry and its bumper had hit the shutter.

One of the witnesses Samba Gowda, said that he could identify the glass pieces, number plate of the car and bumper parts if produced before him. The prosecution informed that the articles had not yet been handed over to the sessions court after the matter was transferred from the Bandra magistrate court in January last year. The court adjourned the proceedings to May 2.

After the adjournment, the eyewitnesses left along with the policemen.

"I had suffered severe injuries on my leg after Khan ran over his vehicle," Muslim Shaikh said. "The doctors had to fix it by using a rod."

The matter has been adjourned to May 6. The case dates back to September 28, 2002 when Salman Khan’s Toyota Land cruiser drove over five people who were sleeping on the footpath near Hill road in Bandra. In this accident, one lost his life and four others were severely injured.

After the accident, Salman Khan drove away in his car and appeared for surrender after eight hours. Eye witnesses said that it was Salman who was driving the vehicle though Salman denies the allegation. Since, he surrendered after eight hours, he and his family maintain the incident as accident though police reported it as hit and run case. Medical report further revealed that Salman was under the influence of alcohol when the incident took place.

Earlier Salman was tried for a lesser case of negligent and rash driving which attracted a sentence of two years. He never faced the punishment.

Way back in 1998, Salman Khan spent three days in prison for killing a black buck, an endangered species of deer, in Rajasthan during the shooting of ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’.