Ravi Chopra set free from hospital

Ravi Chopra, the well known Indian movie maker and producer was hospitalized at the Breach Candy hospital due to s severe lungs ailment.  Mr Ravi Chopra is the son of the legendary producer – director Mr. B.R. Chopra.  He is known for directing the famous Indian television series of Maha Bharat and later on the miniseries of Ramayan that was aired in 2002.

Ravi has directed famous movie like The Burning Train, Mazdoor, Dahleez, Baghban and Babul to name a few.  His movies gained approval and accolades for the exceptional work that was put into them in terms of the strong story, script, direction and the cinematography.

Ravi Chopra also made news when he was delivered with a legal notice in the year 2009 by the 20th Century Fox. The charge was that he in his movie Bandaah ye Bindass Hai blatantly copied the 1992 Hollywood comedy film My Cousin Vinny. Chopra and the B. R. Films both denied the charges against them in the court. This was the first time in the history when a Hollywood company sued a Bollywood filmmaker in terms of plagiarism.

Apparently Ravi Chopra’s critical condition due to the severe lung ailment admitted him to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Hospital for almost a month.  The 66 years old director was admitted in the hospital on the 1st day of October and was discharged on the 26th of the same month. It is said that his condition was very delicate all this while, so much so that he became motion less and immobile thus not able to communicate. His only way to communicate was sign language. Supposedly, in the time span of his stay in the hospital his conditions deteriorated to such an extent that he was allegedly put on artificial respirator.

Ravi Chopra the son of late B.R. Chopra and the nephew of Late Yash Chopra who recently succumbed to death due to multiple organ disorder. Yash Chopra was suffering from dengue and his untimely demise stirred the nation. 12 days after Mr. Ravi was hospitalized, Yash ji followed suit and was hospitalized in the Lilavati Hospital. Yash Chopra was diagnosed with the deadly dengue fever and kidney ailment. However Yash Chopra died on the 21st of October while Ravi ji was still in the hospital.

Though he is discharged from the hospital, the veteran director is still advised complete bed rest until he recovers completely.