Raveena replaces Sangeeta, agrees for intimate scene

After Sangeeta Bijlani opted out of Onir’s ‘Shab’ for kissing and love making scene, Ranveer Tandon grabbed the project. She agrees to be part of ‘Shab’ and ready to do kissing and intimate scene. Sangeeta Bijlani wished to make a comeback after a long time and when Onir ready out the script to her, she was very excited but she opted out due to the kissing and lovemaking scene. Sangeeta said that she is not comfortable with the love making scene.

"I am rewriting the part to suit Raveena who's younger than Sangeeta," says Onir who met the actress a few weeks ago.

Raveena is currently in Los Angeles and will start workshops from July 25 in Delhi.

"The film is about modern relationships and sex is an integral part. There is a full blown love making scene and some kisses too which Sangeeta wasn't ready for," says Onir.

What if Raveena too develops cold feet? "I have known Raveena for 14 years. She knows how a script translates on screen and is prepared for the sensual scenes."

The film will also have Sanjay Suri playing a prominent role, however, according to Onir, “It will just be a friendly appearance.”