Rashmi Desai to enter 'Bigg Boss 8'

Even after witnessing high drama in the last few episodes, it looks like the current season of popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ has failed to make impact like previous seasons. With reports of dropping TRP’s cropping up, the makers of the show are ready to spice things up with wild card entries and there will not be one but multiple entries. There has been one wild card entry already in this season in the form of Dubai based Ali Quli Mirza whose over-the-top attitude led to some dramatic moments.

As per recent reports, actress Rashmi Desai may enter the house soon as a wild card entry. The actress is a known face in the world of television due to her work in the series ‘Uttaran’. While she did not confirm about her entry, she did accept that she has been receiving calls from the channel. A source said, "The actor's name has always been mentioned as a contestant this season and it seems like her time to make an entry in the controversial house has finally come."

Rashmi is not the only wild card the show makers are trying to play, there are also names like Dimpy Mahajan and MTV roadies contestant Renee Dhyani that are in talks. Dimpy is the ex-wife of Rahul Mahajan, son of late politician Pramod Mahajan. Rahul Mahajan took part in season 2 of ‘Bigg Boss’. Now it is time for his ex to try her luck. Dimpy Mahajan said to the media, "Bigg Boss is one of the biggest shows on television. I am nervous about how will the show work out for me. While I am familiar with a few of the housemates, they have an advantage over me since they have already been living in the house for over a month now. I am going inside with a positive frame of mind and hopes of making some changes. Let's see how it goes!" Interestingly it was through another reality show ‘Rahul Dulhania Le Jayega’ that the couple met. They exchanged vow on the show but after a turbulent marriage, they separated.

On the other hand, Renee Dhayni earned some recognition through her stint in ‘MTV Roadies’, she became known for her short temper and frequent use of slangs. Talking about her entry, she said, "I am extremely excited to be a part of Bigg Boss Season 8. I have been observing the contestants and their journey and hope to come across as a breath of fresh air for the viewers. I know about the image that viewers have of me and I am looking forward to showcasing my true personality and change all the preconceived notions. I am looking forward to making a lot of great memories and hope that the viewers will support me for this venture that I have undertaken!"