Rape accused Ankit Tiwari performs at Mumbai Police event

Umang is the annual event organized by the Mumbai Police. This year it was held at Andheri Sports Complex with the same zest on Sunday, 11th of January. However, one performance that seemed to be an eyesore was the performance by Ankit Tiwari. Ankit is a 25 year old singer who composed and sung the melodious and popular number ‘Sun Raha Hai’, from ‘Ashiqui 2’. He was arrested on 8th May, 2014 under allegations of raping his girlfriend on several occasions. Versova Police had made the arrest.

Ankit’s ex claims that the abuse took place starting from October 2012 and continued till December 2013. She was promised that the future held marriage, however it never took place and instead she was exploited. Ankur, is the singer’s brother who was also nabbed for allegedly threatening Ankit’s girlfriend at knifepoint.

Both the brothers have been charged. Ankit is charged under IPC 376 for rape and Ankur under IPC 506(2) for criminal intimidation. Both Ankit and Ankur were granted bails and are currently out.  Tiwari’s lawyer Nagesh Mishra reported that his client has filed a writ petition in Bombay High Court to nullify the FIR lodged against him.   

Umang 2015 was attended by several major celebrities, such as, chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and Rakesh Maria, who is the police commissioner. Rakesh Maria remained unavailable for comment while, Mumbai’s senior police officials stated that accused individuals are not allowed to perform in this annual event. They added that there must have been some misunderstanding. Gayatri Sonalkar, who is Ankit Tiwari’s manager, confirmed his participation in the event. Meanwhile, Versova police station’s senior inspector Arundhati Rane seemed oblivious of the performers of Umang 2015.              

Post the event, activists seemed enraged and looked concerned about the future and verdict of the case. Abha Singh, who is an activist, said that “once accused individuals start performing in such events the credibility of the trial and the investigation are ridiculed. From the point of view of the public it seems as if the case and justice itself are being taken lightly”. She further added that “Tiwari is out on bail, his name has not been cleared which is why the police should abstain from inviting him to perform at such events. A small compensation would be to remove Tiwari’s performance from the show that will be aired on television”. The female activist also stated “Some police officers were taken by surprise when Tiwari’s performance began”.  Abha Singh and other activists demanded an investigation.