Ranveer Singh takes a dig at Salman Khan

Taking panga against Salman Khan in the industry means you dare have to face the consequence today or someday. New boy Ranveer Singh has invited trouble for himself by expressing his disliking for Salman Khan starrer ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. At this stage where the film has been receiving rave reviews from critics and applause from huge Salman Khan’s fan, Ranveer Singh’s disliking comes as a surprise for all. He took a dig at Salman Khan and his film on twitter.

He tweeted his response to the movie by saying, "I hav critisized ek tha tiger on twitter nd a special episode is coming on aj tak now threatning me. Mai darta nai."

Exactly one week after this tweet, Ranveer Singh surprised all by telling that the news channel Aaj Tak has made an episode on his reaction to Ek Tha Tiger and is 'threatening' him. He also added that he is not scared.

And when one thought the drama had ended, Ranveer Singh tweeted again. This time he went a notch up and said on Twitter, "While i was passing through a multiplex, people aftr seeing EK THA TIGER were asking for TIGER BAAM (sic)."

Ranveer Singh's followers backed him for criticizing Ek Tha Tiger:

Sanmay @Sanmay_Patel
@iRanveersingh You are right Ranveer.. Ek tha tiger.. I also don't like as a movie... Salman Khan is fine... bt gr8 statement by you..:)

Swagat Bhattacharjee @SwagatBj
@iranveersingh haha.Do nt wory sir, by critisizing u,Aaj Tak is critisizing"FREEDOM OF SPEECH". Hope u Retweet! :)

Ashesh Sharma @meashesh
@iRanveersingh Media only shows TRP material... Ek Tha Tiger is indeed boring.Slman and Kat's acting ws ok but story lacked .

jatingohil @urstrulyjatin
@iranveersingh great sir.u r real jigarwala...sach bolne wale ek dam perect...aap hai asli tiger

Abhimanyu sharma @Abhhimanyu13
@iranveersingh ....jiyo sher

Let’s see how Sallu Bhai response to Ranveer’s attack.