Ranveer Singh says he can’t take his eyes off Deepika

Ranveer Singh is bestowed with Deepika Padukone’s beauty, his on-screen Leela. Praising Deepika Padukone, the actor said in an interview that Deepika looks so stunning on camera that he can't take his eyes off her. 

When asked about his ‘Ram Leela’ co-star Deepika, he said, “Humari Deepikaji ko dekh lo, kya physical appearance hai. Jab aati hain screen pe, aur kuch dikhta hi nahi hai. To get attention in the frame, I had to take off my shirt, put in all this energy, change my look, but I used to tell her when we watched the scenes on the monitor that she is so visually stunning that the eye keeps going only to her. I can keep doing whatever hell I want, but when I watch it, I don't look at myself, I only look at her”.

When Ranveer was asked how was it working with Deepika Padukone, he said that Deepika is great and she has a good immunity against lovaria as she is usually detached.

In the recent two songs released from the film, we have seen a sizzling chemistry between Deepika and Ranveer, speaking about the dazzling chemistry, Ranveer said, “Such chemistry is only destiny. Our energies from the beginning were in tandem. I knew she will be easy to work with, but you can't get your eyes off the screen when you are looking at her. I love what I see. I only watch Deepika when I see the monitor”.

Ranveer Singh has worked with couple of actresses in the past but the actor said that first time in his career, he is in a position where he can’t see anybody except Deepika.

Ranveer also divulged his marriage plans. He said that he wanted to get married to the girl he is dating but he is not ready now as he needs to have some financial stability, settle down in his career and give a few blockbusters before shifting his focus to settle down in life.

Ranveer Singh admits that he is in love but he refused to divulge the name of the girl. He also added that for the past few months he is feeling strong for the girl and he truly feels it is true love.

When the actor was asked whether this is his first love, the actor gave a funny reply, “It's a terminal disease that I keep having and it keeps relapsing. I have had this disease very much all my life. It started in Senior KG, when the first symptoms started showing. I have had strong lovaria when I was in Class VII, then IX, then first year at university, then when I came back to India. And I know, given how I am, I am easily susceptible to relapses”. 

Well, as of now Ranveer is not ready to divulge the name of his ladylove but it is definitely Deepika, we guess. What say, guys?