WWE star Brock Lesnar's advocate slaps legal notice on Ranveer Singh

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh served with legal notice from WWE Wrestler Brock Lesnar's advocate Paul Heyman for using his phrase with a twist. cricket The ‘Padmaavat’ actor attended the World Cup match between India and Pakistan in Manchester on Sunday and tweeted, Brock Lesnar’s famous usage  "Eat. Sleep. Dominate. Repeat. The name is Hardik. Hardik Pandya ma boi #unstoppable," Ranveer had tweeted with his and Hardik’s pic.

Responding to the post, Heyman threatened to sue him for copyright infringement. "@RanveerOfficial Sre you F''n kidding me? 1 - It's Eat Sleep CONQUER Repeat 2 - Copyright #YourHumbleAdvocate and Brock Lesnar 3 - I am litigious. 4 - Eat Sleep Deposition Repeat," he wrote.

Heyman also tweeted, "I didn't warn. I served noticed while I applaud for their coverage of #YourHumbleAdvocate and Brock Lesnar, I must stress that I am not a manager (what an outdated, antiquated term). I am an advocate. And I'm the best advocate in history," he wrote.

Previously, Paul Heyman had issued notice to the official Twitter handle of the Cricket World Cup for using the catch-phrase while praising Indian wicketkeeper MS Dhoni.

"My most (in)sincere compliments to Cricket World Cup for promoting the amazing MS Dhoni by paraphrasing my mantra for WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. Eat Sleep Conquer Repeat. Our royalties may be paid in cash, check, stock or cryptocurrency," he had posted on Twitter.