Ranveer Singh down with dengue: shows no improvement yet

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh was diagnosed with dengue on Thursday and he was admitted to Hinduja surgical health care in Mumbai. According to a source, he is now being kept isolated but he may be relocated to the Intensive Care unit if his condition does not improve. The source added, "Ranveer's platelet count is not improving and he is experiencing excruciating pain in his bones and severe bouts of shivering. His parents are keeping vigil but they too are not allowed to meet him."  According to recent reports, the platelet count of the actor has fallen to 6000. The insider revealed, “Ranveer has been on IV throughout. He has been kept in isolation as his immunity levels have sunk. His mother has stayed by him in his sterile room ever since.” According to medical opinion, the next two days are critical for the health and recovery of the actor.

Ranveer was shooting for his upcoming film, Ramleela in the Durgapur belt of West Bengal. During the shooting he contracted high fever, but the actor ignored the symptoms and continued with his work till the shooting was wrapped up. Only after his return to Mumbai did he consult a doctor and he was diagnosed with advanced stage of dengue. "He didn't pay much attention to it but if he was diagnosed two days earlier his condition may not have worsened the way it has," added the source.

Another source close to the actor revealed, "Ranveer's condition is still the same ever since he was hospitalized. There is no improvement but his condition is stable and that's how it happens with dengue," the source said, adding, "There is nothing to worry about."

Meanwhile, with the lead actor seriously ill, the future of the film has been brought into question. The tentative release date of the film is set on 15th November. Deepika Padukone is appearing in the lead. This is the time when the promotional activities of the film are at a fever pitch. But, obviously there is no question of Ranveer Singh engaging in any of that. Friends report that the actor is in good spirits and have even been trying his hand at videogames to while away the hours though it is quite painful to move the limbs, but he is unlikely to be robust enough to take part in the whirlwind tours.

We wish the actor speedy recovery.