Ranveer's hilarious ‘Jabra Fan’ Dubsmash with Shahrukh

Actor Ranveer Singh has become the latest ‘Jabra’ Fan of superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Known for his energy and vigour, the ‘Bajirao Mastani’ actor took to Twitter to post a hilarious Dubsmash video of him dancing energetically to the anthem song ‘Jabra’ from the upcoming film ‘Fan’.

Besides, Ranveer’s crazy dance, the amazing part of the video is that Shah Rukh himself makes an appearance.

The video begins with Ranveer standing before the poster of Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Fan’ and adoring the superstar. He breaks into a jig mimicking Shah Rukh’s steps to the ‘Jabra Fan’ anthem. King Khan emerges from behind the poster and stares at Ranveer for a moment and goes away. Fanboy Ranveer is starstruck and drops on the floor after seeing the superstar.

Ranveer shared the video on the micro-blogging site tweeting, “The Father of all ... 'Motion Posters' @iamsrk #JabraFan.''

As Ranveer is famed for his funny antics, so is the ‘Dilwale’ actor for his wit and he made a witty reply to the tweet. Shah Rukh wrote, “Maneesh bhi kaise kaise heroes ko chance deta hai…Jabra Band Baaja Wale ! ”

The two actors coming together on screen, even if in a Dubsmash video, is indeed a treat to watch.

‘Fan’ has been directed by Maneesh Sharma who directed Ranveer in his debut film ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ in 2010. Starring Shah Rukh Khan and former supermodel Waluscha De Sousa, ‘Fan’ will hit screens on April 15.