Ranveer Singh leaves hospital with Deepika Padukone

The real test of love comes when two people share their bad times as well. It seems this is exactly the case with Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh! The actress has reportedly been with Ranveer when he was recently undergoing hard times. He was admitted to Hinduja Hospital last week for a surgery. It has been revealed that Deepika was with Ranveer on Saturday night when he was recovering post surgery. Then he was discharged from the hospital on Sunday.

The two have made interesting statements about each other but they have actually been hush-hush on their relationship. The media is sure to catch hold of their holidaying plans event before the poor couple starts the vacation! Some way or the other, the lovebirds take some time off their busy schedule and make time for each other. Deepika visited Ranveer while he was shooting for ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’. The filming was done in a cruise through Europe and what more romantic destination than this? Then Ranveer was filming in Bucharest for a commercial. He paid a visit to Deepika who was shooting for ‘Tamasha’ in Corsica.

When Deepika celebrated her 28th birthday in New York with Ranveer, the photos had spread like fire on the web. The media then went prying and straight away asked Ranveer what the two were up to. All that he said was – “kya behooda sawal hai!” Looks like they don’t like their private pictures to make a show on the internet. But it should be noted that the two have very well publicized their relationship.

Ranveer was excited when he completed four years in Bollywood. In December last year, what he posted on Instagram confirmed that the couple was love struck. He posted a picture of himself with Deepika along with “Don’t we look great together? ;) #leelajaisikoinahi #4YearsOfRanveerSingh”

While the lady loves talking on and on about her man, “Ranveer’s OCD is irritating. He has to literally empty an entire bottle of deodorant on himself, then he will use a sanitizer and offer it to you. That’s not all. He will follow that up with at least half a bottle of cologne. He does this before every shot and follows it up with eye drops. But Ranveer is a very genuine person and is not apologetic about who he is.” With Deepika spending time with Ranveer while he needed her, it seems that the two are ready to take their relationship to the next level.