Ranveer says anything for you Deepika!

The much talked about Deepika-Ranveer affair is back into news once again! Although the duo has been wary of publicly accepting their affair, they have absolutely no qualms in flaunting their status otherwise.

Infact, Ranveer Singh is all set to woo his lady love, Deepika Padukone, in all ways he can. Currently, gossip has been around that he might do a cameo role in Deepika’s much-awaited movie, ‘Finding Fanny’, where he plays her dead husband Gabo’s role. And as if this wasn’t enough, Ranveer wishes to play the role absolutely - wait for it – Free of Cost!

Film Director, Homi Adajania, tells us that it was Ranveer itself who came up with the idea of the role, while they both were catching up on each other casually. Here’s what Homi said, “Ya! Ranveer is a friend man, so he did it for a laugh! We were sitting around and I was telling him the story of ‘Finding Fanny’ and he said I’ll play Gabo (the character) – he was laughing but was dead serious.”

Homi further added, “I told him that I’d need him in Goa for half a day of shoot but we all had so much fun that he ended up staying for over a week after he was done.” Talking about Ranveer Singh’s enthusiastic nature, Homi says, “Ranveer’s energy is infectious and when the material is right, I know we’ll be able to create some magic in a film someday.” ‘Finding Fanny’ is an off the wall, comical story about a bunch of oddballs who venture out to find Stefanie Fernandes (Fanny) and in the process, discover a strange sense of solace and love amongst each other, and end up seeing a point to their previously pointless lives. The film is all set to release on 12th September.

Ranveer will be seen, in the movie, dressed up as a Christian groom, with side-swept hair and a short beard. So, for all Ranveer-fans out there – Gear yourself up for his sexy new avatar! Behold! It doesn’t end here! While the role required Ranveer to stay in Goa for only half-a-day, the actor made it a point to spend not less than a week in town.

Much as we all want the movie to do well, Ranveer has made it a point to keep the talks of the film on the lips of the Gossip Gurus! Deepika must be on the ninth cloud, for sure.