Ranveer Singh finds Sonakshi Sinha very hot

Is it the movie or is it something else that’s bringing Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha close? Reportedly the actors celebrated last Valentine’s Day together.  In Kolkata they had a heart to heart talk with the media and here follows the excerpt:

 As Sonakshi plays a Bengali girl in ‘Lootera’ she was asked about her Bengali connection. She replied, “Among the characters that I've played so far, this is my most favourite. It was a very challenging role. She(Sonakshi’s character) goes through many emotional ups and downs in two-and-a-half hours. It was really fun and a great learning experience. The film is set in 1950s. I play a zamindar's daughter — Pakhi Roychowdhury. She is interested in art — a very Bengali trait to have.”

Ranveer also commented and said, “It was a very, very different experience for me. I think fortunately in the narrative, I fall head over heels in love with her at the first meeting. So, I have the support of the narrative in instinctively reacting to a Bengali girl. I do believe that they are some of the most beautiful women on this planet. I play a polite, charming, seemingly trustworthy guy, who wins the faith of Pakhi and her father and betrays them. The story takes off from there.”

They were also asked about their feeling for Kolkata city and its people. Sonakshi said, “Well, there's always a tremendous amount of warmth. When we came here for Lootera’, it was heartwarming to see the kind of support that people were ready to lend even in the smallest parts of the state. When you are here for two months, your associates become your family. To see the kind of reach that the Hindi film industry has and the love and affection of people in Purulia, where we shot, was humbling. People came from faraway villages just to catch a glimpse!”

Ranveer said, “I visit Kolkata at least two to three times a year. I was here for a month for ‘Lootera’ and then came back for ‘Bullet Raja. I keep coming back. Whenever I'm here, I make sure I'm not on a diet so that I can gorge on the lovely food that the city has to offer.”

Sonakshi also applauded the police force for providing them with adequate security when they were shooting in Maoist area of Purulia. When asked if she was scared to shoot there, Sonakshi said, “Well, not really. I think even if we were to be captured by the Maoists, they wouldn't have had anything against us. They would also be amused and happy to see us. I think it would be a pleasant interaction. I don't see why they should have a problem with either of us.”

Ranveer praised Police and said, “There was a lot of police protection and we felt secure throughout. At times the crowds would get very big. But they were all very cooperative.”

Ranveer was asked if he faced any major problem, he said, “Sonakshi got miffed and stormed out of the sets once. There was this dialogue.... I was supposed to hold her tight and say, 'Police ko tumne bulaya?' When I said 'tum', a lot of saliva came out of my mouth and Sonakshi was very angry. She warned me against it but I didn't want to lessen the intensity with which I was saying the dialogue. It continued and finally, Sonakshi went really, really mad and left the sets in a silent rage, while I kept following her, trying to apologize. She entered her van and screamed her lungs out. Idiot, she said!”

On Sonakshi being overweight Ranveer said, “I've seen her do action, dance, things that are very, very demanding. And Sonakshi is extremely fit, healthy and strong. At the same time, she looks gorgeous. The feedback on her look in ‘Lootera’ is amazing. I know she is getting a lot of messages. And more than that, I'm getting messages saying, 'Please convey to Sonakshi that she is looking absolutely splendid'. I feel very protective about her and I think all those people who criticize her on a superficial basis, should get a life first.” He added, “I think Sonakshi is really hot.”