Ranveer dumps Anushka, dating Sonakshi

Sonakshi Sinha once said in a chat show that she wants to date Ranveer Singh. Who knows that her jokes would take a serious turn in the near future. If the latest rumor is to be believed Ranveer Singh is dating the ‘Dabangg’ girl, Sonakshi Sinha. The couple moves around like a couple deeply in love.

The duo were spotted in Bandra and looked very comfortable in each other’s company. They were holding each other's hand.  

A source revealed, "The two looked extremely engrossed in each other, oblivious to everything around them. They clearly looked like a couple that evening. Their body language said it all."

Sonakshi and Ranveer came closer during the IIFA event held in Toronto. Ranveer in the past dated Anushka Sharma but her over protective nature made him to leave her.

Explaining what brought about a rift between Anushka and Ranveer, a source said, “Ranveer started feeling suffocated with Anushka. She was getting too possessive about him. A point came when he couldn`t take it anymore."

"Sparks have been flying between Ranveer and Sonakshi. And now it`s a full blown affair. They do not even have qualms about going out in public together," added the source.

However, Ranveer played safe by saying that he and Sonakshi are just friends. "Sonakshi and I have been acquainted recently through our professional interactions and brief meetings at formal events. She is a warm and friendly person. I am not dating anybody at the moment."