Ranveer-Deepika's passionate kiss in ‘Ram-Leela’

Ram-Leela’ is a romantic saga based on the story of Romeo and Juliet. Since it is a movie about love and the longing associated with it, it has to have warmth and passion. The lead co-stars are bound to show that sizzling chemistry. But when the lead co-stars are also real life dating couples, the chemistry has actually got scintillating. The temperature is sure to soar high as Raveer Singh and Deepika kisses on screen in ‘Ram-Leela’.

The promos of ‘Ram-Leela’ shows Deepika and Ranveer lip lock scenes a number of times. Once Deepika kisses Ranveer in a song ‘Lahu Munh Lag Gaya’. The song is about the longing and the budding love between Raveer and Deepika. Deepika teases him in the song. Ranveer puts red gulal on her lips. She comes and gives a peck on his lips. Ranveer succumbs to her demands. The scene is very passionate and heart touching. The chemistry is fiercely strong and leaves one spell bound. It distinctly reveals the love sprouting between the two leading characters viz ‘Ram’ played by Ranveer and ‘Leela’ played by Deepika.

In another still from the movie, Ranveer is seen in a lip lock position with Deepika. Ranveer was completely lost while kissing Deepika. He was so much engrossed that he didn’t hear the director calling out ‘cut’. According to Ranveer the kissing was too intense. He said, “I forgot to give my reaction. I was a bit lost in the moment...hota hai yaar.” He said, “I hope that there will be no objection to the kiss because it’s a beautiful kiss. I hope they don’t cut the duration because it’s a long kiss. It’s the best kiss you will ever see in a Hindi movie.”

Ranveer also vouches for his onscreen kiss with Deepika. He feels it is the most passionate kiss of Bollywood. He said, “I have been watching Hindi films for a long time and I have seen plenty of kisses happen on screen. I have seen this one also in the rough cut and in my opinion, it's the best one.”

Talking about his pairing with Deepika in the movie, Ranveer said, “I believe I was destined to be in this film. I believe Deepika was destined to be cast opposite me. And it’s Romeo and Juliet, so the chemistry between the leads really lies at the core and it is the essence of the film. So I hope it worked.”