Rani sweats out to hit back

Undoubtedly, Rani Mukherjee is a talented actress but with no releases, she is almost a faded name and it is said that her excessive weight is one of the reasons for not getting any suitable offers from filmmakers. After a long hiatus, Rani is again coming back with a bang in Aditya Chopra’s ‘Cricket’ where she will be seen in the role of a cricketer. To hit fours and sixes, she is shedding excessive sweat in gym under the instruction of trainer, Satyajit Chourasia.

About Rani’s fitness, Satyajit said, “She does alternate day’s exercise which includes yoga and weight training and its mainly loose weight training, floor exercises and freehand exercises. She also works with dumbles and her working habits are divided into two schedules. She sweats it out for one and an half hour. She can’t do heavy weight because of her height so she only does loose weight training.”

Speaking about her diet, he said, “No oily food and basically one should have balance diet and each individual will have different balance diet as it depends upon a person’s DMRE and metabolism structure. Accordingly then we prepare balance diet, so for Rani also there is a separate balance diet which 45% carbohydrates, 40% protein and 15% fats and this balance diet includes no sugar and maida flour and oil just one tablespoon in a day and most important no sweets.”

In real, Rani’s hard work is showing as she has lost few kilos.

Rani, we are eagerly looking forward to you!