Rani Mukherji to have her first child outside country?

Actress Rani Mukherji who is expecting her first child with filmmaker Aditya Chopra shortly, is apparently planning to have her baby outside the country.

The ‘Mardani’ actress who is currently hospitalised following minor complications after a Diwali party, plans to head for a long maternity leave for an unknown destination during the baby’s birth, according to a report in DNA.

The report quoted one of the actress’ friends as saying that it was Rani’s wish to have a destination wedding in Italy which hubby Aditya fulfilled, and likewise, it is her wish to have the baby abroad.

Rani and Aditya tied the knot at an intimate ceremony in Italy on April 21, 2014 in attendance of family and close friends.

Her friend also revealed that Rani was always a homemaker at heart.  She dreamt of finding the right man, settling down, having a baby…It’s all happened. She pinches herself to ensure it isn’t a dream, says the actress’ friend.

Rani was first spotted with a baby bump in September this year when she was visiting a gynecologist’s clinic in Khar, Mumbai. The actress took on the role of a multi-tasker as Mrs Aditya Chopra taking care of her husband’s home and workplace and also sitting on script readings, costume sessions and scene rehearsals. Lately, she has taken a break as doctors have asked her to be careful about the baby.

The couple is expected to have the baby in January next year.