Rani Mukherji speaks about pregnancy

Rani Mukherji is ecstatic as ‘Mardaani’ hits the screen on Friday. This is Rani’s first release post marriage to Aditya Chopra and now that she is married she feels that pregnancy is not a hindrance in the way of work and career only if her directors are ready to work with her. She says her pregnancy won’t come in the way of it as long as the director is comfortable to work with her.

It is seen that actresses go low post marriage and during pregnancy but Rani looks forward to work even after she gets pregnant. She said, “Not really… Women try to cut down on work because they are pregnant and during that time they are physically not capable. In Hollywood, many actors work when they are pregnant. If a director is ready to work with me during my pregnancy, I will surely work.”

The actress further added that working post marriage also depends “how supportive her husband is.” Talking about her hubby Aditya Chopra she said, “Adi (Aditya Chopra) is a very supportive husband. I don’t think he would want me to slow down. I don’t know what my decision is going to be when I become a mother… I don’t know how I will continue my journey in films. But I am in love with my job.”

When Rani was asked if she would be comfortable shooting intimate scenes even after marriage, she said it is “individualistic choice”.  Sharing her views, she said, “It also depends on whether she comes from a family that is not very modern in their outlook, or is she married into a family that doesn’t give her the liberty to do certain things.

“I am married to Aditya, who is both a producer and director, and I think his mindset is very modern. I don’t think he will ever come in my way of deciding what I want to do or what kind of films I want to be a part of. For us, a film means work. It is not something we look at from a common man’s point of view,” she added.

Like any wife Rani too wish the best for her husband and family, so does Rani for Adi! “Definitely, I want this film (‘Mardaani’) to work. In fact, from now on I will not only pray that my films work, I will also pray that all YRF films are superhits (laughs),” Rani said.