Aditya is a private person and so I doesn't post Adira’s pic, Rani

Rani Mukherji has been away from the spotlight ever since she became mother. Rani has only posted one picture of Adira so far and her fans are eagerly waiting to see more pictures of Adira but Rani never post picture of her child on social media.

The actor, who turns 39 today, did a Facebook live for her fans on the eve of her birthday. When asked why she is not on social media, Rani said, "I'm not on social media, posting pictures of my daughter because my husband is a very private person and I respect that. Also, I don't like saying no to my fans, especially when they ask me to post pictures."

The  ‘Mardaani’  actor opened up about motherhood and her daughter, Adira. She said, "It's amazing being a mother, you change overnight because there are certain things that they kind of teach you on a day to day basis. I have become stronger and I've also mellowed down. But a lot of things come with being a mother. I'm looking forward to my journey of raising Adira, so its going to be fun."

She added, "The last two and a half years - nine months of pregnancy and one and a half years of motherhood - have been the happiest years of my life. I enjoy seeing Adira grow, reach new milestones each day."

Rani will make her comeback with YRF’s ‘Hichki’, which will go on floors next month. Talking about the movie, the actor said, "I feel that I have a new life after the birth of Adira. That was a different Rani and this is a different Rani. Now my next phase is starting with Hichki, I'm super excited and going to enjoy the working phase."