Rani Mukherjee's stunts in Yash Raj flick

Rani MukherjeeRani Mukherjee is known as one of top actresses in bollywood. The actress has already done a variety of different and challenging roles. However following actresses like Priyanka, Deepika etc, Rani too has decided to indulge in some hi-fi action. Rani will be seen doing some daredevil action stunts herself in her forthcoming Yash Raj film. 

Rani is currently shooting for the Yash Raj film that is being directed by Kunal Kohli. The film stars Saif and Rani supposedly plays an angel who takes care of his kids in the film. Sources claim that Rani will be seen in a completely new avatar in this film. Apparently Rani had to do action sequences like balancing herself on thin cable wires. The actress underwent training for the action sequences and many rehearsals were done before the final shot. Director Kunal Kohli confirmed that Rani had done some daredevil actions stunts in the film; he said "Rani underwent many rehearsals and trials for the stunt scenes. It could have been very dangerous if Rani had slipped. Thankfully she pulled it off without retakes."  

Kohli also claims that the film will see a new Rani. Apart from Rani attempting action sequences for the first time, she will also look quite different in the film. Her costumes have been designed by Manish Malhotra. Rani has always done roles that have not needed her to do much action, but now she is all set to give the new ladies in bollywood some tough competition. Moreover Yash Raj films seem to have taken a recent turn to show the actresses in their films indulging in action, like Ash and Bips in Dhoom 2. Unlike other actresses, Rani seems to be doing only one film at a time now.